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Deodorizing considerations in the car Interior odor needs st

Type:Company News Times:1180 Date:2019-08-06

        Having bought a new car, it is worthwhile to be happy, but the new car will have a taste, leathery or other miscellaneous taste. Some car owners are used to setting the inner circulation during the driving process, so the odor is very likely to remain in the car. Some odors are oily, such as silt odor or food taste, so whether it is a new car or an old car is very clean important. What method can deodorize it? Xiao Bian summed up several methods of deodorizing today, the majority of owners are worth a look.

  Air duct cleaner

  Cold and dampness can also cause mildew. It is more likely to occur in the rainy season and the cool air that blows out will have mildew. Air-conditioning ducts are difficult to clean. Special cleaners are required. There is a long nozzle that sprays directly from the air-cooled air outlet. It can remove mildew and remove odors.

  Car ozone machine

  There is an ozone generator for small cars on the market that can be used simply by connecting a power supply. O3 will release O3 ozone. The ozone itself will be positively charged. It can neutralize negatively charged odors into odorless gas, and it will become water after being neutralized by acid and alkali. Ozone also has a bactericidal effect, which is the simplest and most effective method of deodorizing and sterilizing in the car. The price of car ozone machine is about 300-1000 yuan.

  Nano deodorant silver

  There is a kind of deodorant known as nano deodorizing silver. The principle is based on the deodorizing and disinfection function of silver ions. It can be directly sprayed in the car room, and then the cold air circulation function is turned on, so that the nano deodorant silver can be removed by circulating in the car room. Odor.

  Steam deodorization

  Steam has the effect of melting dirt and deodorizing, especially for cars that use cloth interiors because they are difficult to clean and are more likely to adhere to dirt. With the principle of steam high temperature and water vapor, the dirt attached to the interior can be melted, and the odor generated by the dirt can be taken away. An upright iron can be used to remove dirt with steam scrubbing action. Many car beauty centers also provide steam deodorization and decontamination services.

  Charcoal deodorization

  The deodorizing and decontamination functions of long carbon and bamboo charcoal are now used in many commodities. Car smell can also be used in carbon deodorant products. At present, there are deodorizers specifically designed for vehicles, which are designed as flat deodorant boxes. The deodorizing box is recommended to be placed under the seat. It does not take up space and can deodorise. Now when you buy a new car, you will be given some small gifts such as charcoal packs.