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Seasonal auto maintenance air conditioning DIY coup

Type:Industry News Times:138 Date:2019-05-29

“When free maintenance is done, go to the store for free air conditioning, check the line...” Maybe you recently received a text message like this, just after the beginning of summer, when you change the season, you have to remember to maintain the car. With the gradual warming of the weather in Guangzhou, everyone began to use air-conditioning, then the problem has come, the air-conditioning that has not been used for a long time, while enjoying a cool breeze at the same time, do you think about it first to maintain some? In fact, as long as it is not too dirty, do not go to 4S shop, a few small tricks you can do it yourself!      First, replace the air conditioning grid      For automotive air conditioners, air conditioning grids, also called air conditioning filters, are the most critical components. Its main function is to filter the air entering the cabin from the outside and filter out tiny particles, pollen, bacteria, dust and even twigs and leaves in the air. As a result, the cabin air is purified, but the dirt is concentrated in the filter, so if it is too dirty or if it is used for too long, it needs to be replaced.      It is not difficult to buy air-conditioners online now, so you can replace them yourself. However, under normal circumstances, you can check it yourself. If it is not too dirty, it is not recommended to wash it with water as long as it blows out dirty things. On the contrary, if it is found that the filter element is a bit wet, it is best to dry it and put it back. Of course, if it is too dirty, it needs to be replaced. However, some models are relatively simple and the air-conditioning compartment is inside the engine compartment. However, some locations are in the storage box in front of the passenger seat. If your DIY ability is not strong enough, it is best to go directly to the repair shop or 4S shop.   Second, hands-on clean air conditioning      Air conditioners not only have air-conditioned compartments, they also need maintenance. Especially during the rainy season, the air-conditioners that haven't been used for a long time are experiencing warm weather, and the humidity is relatively large, making it particularly easy to breed large amounts of bacteria. Others will have problems such as poor cooling effect and small air volume.      In fact, their own DIY clean air-conditioning interior is very simple, and now there are many special automotive air-conditioning cleaners that are easy to use. Under normal circumstances, after the detergent is sprayed in, it is necessary to open the air conditioner first, and then set it into an internal circulation mode, and then use a wet towel to block the air outlet of the air conditioner and drive the air speed to the maximum. At this time, the dust is dampened on the towel, and moisture can also be blown out. However, there are many types of air-conditioning cleaners, such as foam, aerosols, etc., which are used differently. Some of them require the removal of wind speed resistors. Therefore, it is recommended to see how to use it first.      Third, use tips      Tip 1: Turn off the air conditioner before turning off      There is a very common phenomenon where the owner does not pay attention to the proper parking method. When the vehicle is stopped, it is often turned off and then turned off the air conditioner. It is not even possible to turn off the air conditioner or radio. In fact, this practice will make the evaporation box moist, resulting in the proliferation of mold in the air conditioning, causing air conditioning odor, so that the air inside the compartment is turbid, and further endanger the health of everyone.      One of the more correct methods is to turn off the air-conditioning cooling system during the six or seven minutes before parking. The advantage of this is that the remaining heat is allowed to dry the moisture in the evaporation box and the cool air inside the air conditioning system is blown out. At this time you will clearly see that the air outlets are cold and wet. In this way, the air-conditioning system can be kept relatively dry and the odor of the air-conditioning system can be reduced.      Tip 2: Car Cleaning      Cleaning and maintenance of air-conditioning is not only about air-conditioning, the interior of the car is also very important. Due to the high temperature and humidity, all types of bacteria can easily grow in the car. After entering the spring, the owner should do a good job of cleaning the cushions, floor mats, carpets and car interiors that are close to them. It is best to let the sun shine when conditions permit. In addition, items that are not used for a long period of time in the trunk should also be cleaned in a timely manner to prevent odors from being generated during the long period of time.      Car air conditioning use errors      Misunderstanding 1: Long open cycle      Because the internal circulation is the circulation of air in the enclosed space inside the vehicle, the oxygen content in the vehicle will continuously decrease, and if the combustion of gasoline in the cylinder is incomplete, the carbon monoxide that the engine has not burned may also leak into the vehicle compartment. The air quality will be worse and worse, and it will cause harm to the human body. Therefore, when using the air conditioner, it should be opened for a while and then circulated for a while to allow fresh air to enter the cabin. It is also true that we cannot sleep in the car with the internal cycle.      Myth 2: Air conditioning is not cleaned until the air conditioning performance is poor      Some car owners wait until the air conditioning is not effective before they think of cleaning the air conditioner. The correct method is to replace the air conditioner filter regularly, otherwise it is easy to grow bacteria and make the air conditioner produce a musty smell.      Misunderstanding 3: Adjust the air outlet direction freely      Some car owners do not pay attention to adjusting the direction of air conditioning when using air conditioners, which is not conducive to the best effect of air conditioning. According to the principle of cold air sinking and hot air rising, the correct approach should be to turn on the air outlet when the air conditioner is turned on and to move the air outlet downward when the heater is turned on.

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