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Type:Industry News Times:457 Date:2019-08-06

Reuters reported on January 27 that in coal-fired China, the sharp increase in electric vehicles has raised concerns about the deterioration of haze. New forecasts from automakers about the rapidly growing Chinese market for environmentally friendly vehicles are exacerbating fears that the haze will worsen because the growth of electric vehicles powered by coal-fired power grids is faster than that of China. Speed of conversion to cleaner energy.

The head of Volkswagen China, like the Chinese government, predicts that by 2020 China's annual production of pure electric and hybrid vehicles will increase nearly five times, to 2 million vehicles. The head of BYD said its electric car sales would double every year in the next three years.

To reduce the haze, Beijing has been promoting electric vehicles and boosting sales of electric vehicles in China's domestic market to triple last year, making it the world's largest electric vehicle market. At present, the proportion of new energy passenger cars in China is less than 1%, but the pace of growth is increasing the possibility that such vehicles will worsen the haze. A series of studies at Tsinghua University show that recharged electric vehicles are two to five times as large as fuel vehicles in terms of pollutant particles and chemicals that can aggravate haze. Hybrid cars have also performed poorly. "International experience shows that clean air does not depend on electric vehicles," said the director of the Los Angeles Center for Energy and Transportation Innovation. "Clean power plants are needed."

Tsinghua University's research questioned the vigorous promotion of electric vehicles and said that without speeding up grid reform, it would be harmful to environmental protection in many parts of China for at least 10 years. Research shows that Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei rely more than 90% on coal energy. In any case, cleaning the grid will be the fastest way to clean the sky. Building hundreds of power plants is much easier than changing hundreds of millions of cars in thousands of cities.